Sexy Legs

Advanced Legs: The Combo Workout

Isometric Wall Squat/Jump-Squat Combo



How to do it: Descend into a squat position with your back flat against a wall and your arms extended laterally at shoulder level.
Hold this position for 60 seconds.
Return to an upright position away from the wall and quickly perform 10 Jump-Squats, jumping as high as possible.
After your 10th rep, hold the position for 10 seconds. 20x with 4sets


Single-Leg Squats/Sprints-in-Place Combo


How to do it: Perform 10 Single-Leg Squats with each leg.
Superset with 30 seconds of sprinting in place as fast as possible, leaning slightly forward, explosively driving your knees toward your waist and rapidly alternating your arms forward and backward close to your body.

Bulgarian Split Squat/Isometric Wall Squat Combo


How to do it: Place your left foot behind you atop a bench or chair (left knee slightly bent) and your right leg in a forward lunge position with your arms hanging at your sides.
Slowly lower your left and right knees toward the floor and until your fingertips touch the floor.
Pause 1 second and quickly return to start position.
After 10 reps, repeat with your right foot atop the bench or chair for 10 reps.
Immediately place your back flat against a wall with your arms extended in front of you at chest level and lower into a squat position.
Hold for 60 seconds. 20x with 4sets

I would recommend resting one minute between each exercise and then resting two minutes between each full circuit of 3 exercises. Repeat until you have worked for at least 20 minutes.

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