Bottled water VS Tap water

Bottled Water isn’t always best.


Bottled water can be tap water or spring water and it can be bottled in glass or plastic.  When it comes to bottled water many people mistakenly believe that it must be more pure than tap water.  In reality what you need to know is that tap water is regulated by the EPA as well as state and local governments, but bottled water is only checked by the Food and Drug Administration.  While this doesn’t sound like such a huge difference, in reality, the FDA doesn’t have a set inspection schedule for water plants and there could literally be years between inspections.  Though the FDA is supposed to test bottled water at the same standards as the EPA, the reality can be far different.

Bottled water likes to sell itself as being pure , but the fact is nearly 40 percent of bottled water is tap water with added minerals or filtration.   Water bottles, though cleaned, are not sterilized.  Relatively low amounts of bacteria at bottling can multiply to a much larger problem by the time bottles hit store shelves.  Bottled water frequently is not chlorinated, allowing bacterial and fungal growth within the bottle.  Municipal water has an advantage in that it is constantly moving and avoiding stagnation.

The bottles themselves can cause trouble.  Phthalate is a chemical used to soften plastics and make it less brittle.  But when heated, even from a hot day in the car, they begin to leach into the contents of the bottle. Phthalates can cause reproductive difficulties, liver problems and increased risk of cancer.  While phthalates are regulated in tap water, the FDA maintains an exemption for bottled water.

Based on the habits of most people, we make the general recommendation for people to reduce their bottled water consumption and to carry their own bottle filled with filtered tap water.  Lined aluminum, glass, or stainless steel are great alternatives to plastic bottles.


Bottled Water Vs Tap Water

Educate your kids on importance of water!

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    awesome advice! very informative 🙂 oh and I’m a fitness blogger on here too! xx

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