Whey Protein Vs Soy Protein

Soy Protein lacks one of the critical amino acids – Methionine.  Whey is more complete.

Soy Protein has many precursors to female hormones like estrogen.  Whey does not.

For those reasons, I suggest whey protein.  Now there are a lot of different brands of whey protein available in the vitamin store or online.

THE BEST BY FAR IS NON DENATURED WHEY.  It’s a little more expensive but it’s worth it.

Let me explain what this means.

Denatured whey means damaged whey. In the manufacturing process a majority of whey proteins are subjected to heat, alkali or acid causing their structure to unfold. During this process, some of whey’s original properties, especially its biological activity, are diminished or eliminated. These destructive manufacturing processes exist simply to reduce the cost of processing protein. They are negative, nutritional value robbing short cuts – plain and simple.

Non Denatured whey means never damaged. The whey protein is naturally occurring and is never altered by heat, chemicals, enzyme action or processing. Non denatured proteins are also referred to as Native Proteins.

The best, most complete protein available for anyone wishing to repair their body or stimulate their health is Non Denatured Whey or Native Whey. There can be no disputing that fact.


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