Early Bird gets the worm


We’re not nec­es­sar­ily talk­ing actual hang­overs but those morn­ings where it’s equally as hard to drag your butt out of bed than if you had enjoyed a few too many the night before. Those nearly painful morn­ings can only ben­e­fit from a run. Although it will likely be the last thing you want to do, if you can muster up the willpower to get dressed and get your feet out the door, you’ll thank your­self the rest of the day. The fresh crisp air, move­ment, and extra blood flow will quickly warm up your body and senses, leav­ing you ready to tackle the day.


No mat­ter the cli­mate, every­thing takes on breath­tak­ing beauty in the warm hues sur­round­ing a sun­rise; the trees glis­ten with due, the sand glows pinkish-orange, and the snow actu­ally sparkles. It’s like run­ning through a paint­ing or a Dis­ney movie. Tak­ing those miles to recon­nect with your nat­ural sur­round­ings has a rein­vig­o­rat­ing effect, mak­ing the work com­mute and desk life all the more bearable.

Seri­ously! The air is not only cooler and more com­fort­able for run­ning in the morn­ing, but it also holds less pol­lu­tion because the morn­ing com­muters haven’t mud­dled it up with their car exhaust yet. Any­one who has had to run through a cloud of car exhaust knows that avoid­ing that chok­ing haz­ard is worth the effort of wak­ing up a bit earlier.

Exer­cis­ing soon after wak­ing up gives your metab­o­lism the swift kick in the butt it some­times needs. Odds are, you will not only remem­ber to eat break­fast before head­ing off to work, but it will taste remark­ably bet­ter than if you had sim­ply crammed a burned bagel in your pie hole between sips of luke­warm cof­fee while sit­ting in traf­fic on your way to work.

Get Your butt’s in gear!


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