Best Dietary Supplement Ever!

We have talked a lot about adding protein to the diet so that you can remain in positive nitrogen balance.  While adding protein to diets normally is an important change, simply pouring protein into our body (or water into a pail), without simultaneously shrinking the hole, is very inefficient. 

Use the water and pail with a hole analogy.

Taking the right non-food fuel to help bind the nitrogen in your system and thereby help diminish the nitrogen hole we all normally have is equally important.  We recommend an exercise supplement made by Epic Lyfe called Active Thin.

Here is the link to buy:


This has a few great ingredients including DMG which has been shown to bind nitrogen and help you stay in positive nitrogen balance.  Remember – if you are not in positive nitrogen balance it will be far more difficult for you to lose weight, gain muscle or feel energetic.

Active Thin is great before workouts – especially vigorous ones including cardio.

Choose an Epic Lyfe!


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