How do strong legs impact my health?

How do strong legs impact my health?

Most personal trainers when asked what muscles are the most important to train they will say legs. Why?  Well, here are a few reasons.

  1. Your legs are the weight bearing limbs of your body providing the most functional mobility and movement. If you do not work your legs, this will be a huge mistake!
  2. The legs are the best place to put on mass and add sculpted shape to your body.
  3. Your legs are your largest muscle group.
  4. The best way to elevate your heart rate so you burn more fat is to work your legs.
  5. The best way to relieve negative stress and get the endorphins moving in your body is to work your legs.
  6. When you do leg exercises like squats or lunges you are in fact working your whole body.

A study done by Australian researchers concluded that weight training on the legs created muscular efficiency. Efficiency is the amount of energy a person uses to perform work at high intensity improving power and potential speed. Efficiency also equates to energy used throughout the day as well as having the energy to accomplish daily activities and engage in athletic and sporting activities. Without strength in the legs, we tend to tire easily, burn fewer calories and enjoy life less.

Sculpt those legs !

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