Beginning of Janessa’s Journey


Working out hasn’t really been a big part of my life until about the beginning of last winter. In October of 2015 that’s when Global Entrepreneur and Product Manufacturer Sadie hired me as her Intern and introduced me to the gym life. Becoming an Intern changed my lifestyle. Everyone at work was fit and working out was part of their lifestyle. Health for them was number one priority and I felt the need to be fit, active and productive. So, I joined in on J20 work outs with Sadie.   

As a beginner working out was a basic routine. Such as, Rollerblading and going to the gym working on my arms and legs.  My favorite workout is Leg day since that’s the body part I wanted results on first. There are three machines I began with and I kept track of how much weight (that I can handle of course), the repetitions and the number of sets.

This is my main leg workout:

Smith machine: 4 sets of 10 w/ 40 lbs.

Leg press machine: 4 sets of 10 w/ 100lbs.

Leg Extension machine: 4 sets of 10 w/ 50lbs.

These  exercises help your Gluteus, Hamstrings and Quadriceps. Trust me and believe you will feel the burn.  I learned to get a good sweat on and get your muscles working. It’s always good to do 3 machines or 3 different exercises for your personal work out’s for a specific body part.

My second body part I enjoy working out is my biceps. Biceps to me are important because you don’t want to have only a toned lower body but your arms gotta look great too! To get a good bicep workout I usually pick 3 main exercises with a specific weight as well of number of repetitions and sets.workout1.png

This is my beginner bicep workout:

Bicep Curls: 4 sets of 10 w/ 35 lbs.

Lat Pull Down: 4 sets of 10 w/ 65 lbs.

Concentration Curls: 4 sets of 6 w/ 10 lbs weights.

By doing these workouts as a beginner, you will create more stamina for yourself and as you keep going add more weight. I guarantee if you continue that routine you’ll be moving your way on up to advanced in no time. I know I’m working on it.

Sadie helped me get started, now it’s my turn to get you started. Good luck on your journey.

-Janessa The Intern.

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