After Body Care

After Body Care

After Many Workouts, Do you ever Feel;

Muscle Strains?

Joint Pains?

Sprains and Cramps?

Back Ache?

Try our new product!



This new product is an amazing gel pain reliever! CBD Ice,a Custom Hempology product, is a menthol activated raw, full spectrum hemp oil standardized for 300 mgs. of CBD and CBD acids.  Works just like Bio Freeze but better! Due to the fact that it contains our secret ingredient CBD.

Coming this September

Muscle pain occurs when specialized nerve endings called nociceptors receive excitatory impulses of varying frequencies.  The more the activity in the nociceptors, the more the pain.

CBD and other cannabinoids naturally occurring in raw, full spectrum hemp oil have been shown to significantly reduce the excitatory impulses reaching the nociceptors, thereby eliminating pain.  This is the analgesic effect of full spectrum hemp.Additionally, raw hemp oil has over 500 naturally occurring compounds including hundreds of cannabinoids, terpenes and flavonoids many of which have been shown to dramatically reduce inflammation.  And as tissue inflammation decreases, pain disappears.  This is the anti-inflammatory effect of full spectrum hemp oil.

Menthol is a powerful naturally occurring terpene, not found in hemp, that has been shown to increase absorption of other molecules through the skin layers into muscle and circulation. It stands to reason that the application of a topical composed of menthol and a full spectrum hemp oil containing all of the relevant cannabinoids, terpenes and flavonoids, including a significant amount of naturally occurring CBD acids, would serve both as a potent analgesic and anti-inflammatory treatment.
Charles Stebbins Review: “I use CBD Ice daily personally to alleviate the strain and pain associated with strenuous exercise and for chronic inflammatory problem areas in my body.”

**Use  when feel the pain or cramps, or apply to the inflammation. Squeeze 2-3 drops to your hand and gently massage the gel to the aching areas of the body or joints.**

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