About Mz Sadie


Hi, I’m Sadiesha Stebbins. I graduated from the State University of New York at Albany in 2002 with a degree in Latin Caribbean Studies, Spanish and Education. And of course I have my Personal Training certification.

Come and learn more about the j20 workout. j20 is a concept I created, JUST 20 minutes of anything fun to get your cardiovascular system going and functioning properly. According to Physical Education guidelines, you need 150 minutes a week, at minimum. By doing JUST 20 minutes a day, you’ll easily reach the guideline. One amazing thing that happens in your brain, you’ll feel better, which also is self-love…and you’ll end up doing more!

Physical activity is extremely important to me. Losing my dad when I was just 3 short weeks old due to heart disease, told me loud and clear that fitness needed to be included in my life. Growing up playing sports was a perfect outlet when I was an adolescence. As an adult, it’s important to continue being active and include fun into your lifestyle. Working out or exercising are just words. Put some action together and you’ve got a powerhouse. Your body is your temple. You only have one so give it the activity it needs to function properly.

I spend a lot of my free time in a bikini poolside at my home with my miniature poodle Coco Rico and toy Yorkie Romeo. I love to cook but I am enough of a foodie that once or twice a week you will find me in a top restaurant somewhere.

My real goal in life is to help young women become responsible adults with a true purpose.

After a few years working for others in corporate America, I founded Tampa Bay Zone Media Company which encompassed television, magazine publishing and the Internet. I produced and starred in the weekly Tampa Bay Zone television program on the CW network which was rated above Access Hollywood in the Tampa market, and edited and produced a successful perfect bound cocktail table magazine about Tampa. Using my growing set of media skills, I helped establish cutting edge social networking and commerce platforms for corporate – customer interactions.

Today, I own and manage a multinational product and service conglomerate with offices in Florida, New York, California, Chicago, Mexico, London and Israel. My main business is in the manufacturing and distribution of over 800 nutritional, skin, cosmetic and personal care products in the US and abroad. However, my brands have grown to include national telemedicine platforms, VIP concierge services, medical and health publishing, biophysical medical and health technology products, direct response olfaction products, vaping devices and liquids, jewelry, thoroughbred breeding and racing, cellular telecommunications, software information systems, location based digital commerce, near field commerce, interactive vending, social media marketing, relationship marketing and direct sales internet companies.

Highly energetic and never tiring, I love living life on the cutting edge. Periscope Up!

Check out Mzsadie.com to learn more and find my multiple brands of nutritional products.