• At least 70 percent of American adults have a significant digestive disorder.
  • Digestion begins in the mouth with chewing, where important digestive enzymes and saliva are located that help break down and coat food, making it smaller and easier for our bodies to digest and absorb.
  • After swallowing, the food makes its way down the digestive tract to the colon where healthy bacteria live such as Lactobacillus and Bifidobacterium that boost the immune system, assist in extracting nutrients from foods, and destroy ingested toxins.
  • Improve your digestion, health and fitness:
    • Before you eat, take a deep breath then chew your food until it becomes liquefied and is easy to swallow. This can help prevent overeating.
    • Learn to manage stress. Stress can disrupt digestion.
    • Take 2-10 grams daily of fructooligosaccharide (FOS), which is a systemic prebiotic that supports the activities of healthy microorganisms in your digestive system and throughout the body.
  • Other things that can cause digestive problems: NSAID pain relievers like ibuprophen and aspirin; fats, simple sugars and starches which increase inflammation and can cause IBS; and taking stomach anti-acids when you don’t know the cause of your problem, and lack of sleep.

Take 2-10 grams daily of a specialized fiber supplement referred to as FOS, which stands for fructooligosaccharide. FOS is a systemic prebiotic which supports the activities of healthy microorganisms in your digestive system and throughout the body. You will learn more about FOS two days from now in Day 33.

The Importance of FOS Fiber

  • FOS is short for the term fructo-oligosaccharide which is a natural plant sugar with no calories that acts as a prebiotic fiber.
  • Prebiotics are the food or energy source for the probiotics or microorganisms living in the digestive system.
  • FOS stimulates highly beneficial microorganisms such as Bifidobacterium bifidum, Lactobacillus acidophilus and Lactobacillus bulgaricus populations to both grow in size and in positive activity.
  • In addition to its role as a fiber, FOS provides a wide array of positive outcomes including boosting digestive functioning, strengthen the immune system, inhibiting the growth of fungi, destroying the pathogens and preventing cancer through the proper pH balance of the GI tact.

Recently, we recommended that everyone interested in improving their digestion take at least 5 grams of FOS daily. That recommendation might have been a surprise to most, as few people have actually heard of FOS. FOS is short for the term fructo-oligosaccharide.  Still never heard of it, have you? FOS is in wide use overseas and is part of hundreds of foods available in Japan but it is virtually unheard of in North America.

In summary, FOS is a systemic (system wide) prebiotic (food source for probiotic organisms) proven to stimulate the growth and activity of the positive microorganism populations in the digestive tract eliminating the chance of dysbiosis (dominance of bad bacteria) which can create a chain reaction of an array of illnesses that can seriously affect your health.

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